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Enjoy Sailing on Charter Catamaran in Athens

Catamaran charter and cooking

Cooking Aboard Charter Catamaran in Athens Region

In Charter Catamaran kitchen, there is minimum space for keeping and preparing food and you will have to deal with limited utensils. Even though catamarans are pretty steady and rarely heel more than 5 degrees, cooking still can get rough. Most boats have a gimbaled stove. Since preparation areas are usually minimal, avoid bringing food that involves a lot of chopping. Use non-slip mats or damp tea-towels to stop plates or cutting boards sliding about. Bring at least one pan with a locking lid or pressure cookers that reduce cooking time. Make sure that everyone in the crew knows how to safely light the stove and control the fuel supply. Keep the gas turned off when you are not using it.

Charter catamaran brands

Most Popular Brands of Charter Catamarans in Athens

There are three most popular brands of Charter Catamarans in Athens:

Lagoon - French company and a very popular brand. The most popular charter models range from 38'-67' feet in length. Lagoon catamarans are more designed for the charter business, where they can fit 4 cabins onboard for 4 couples.

Nautitech - one of the most popular French brands. Fast, elegant easy to navigate, the catamarans vary from 36'-49' feet in length. Wonderful panoramic views from the cockpit.

Fountaine Pajot - a French company offering a size range from 36'-65' feet in length. Also a hugely popular charter catamaran brand.

Charter Catamarans for a Safe Cruise

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