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Gulet Charter in Athens - Cruise Gulets in Greece

Day on a gulet

Typical Day on a Sailing Gulet

Upon getting aboard a gulet, you are assisted into your cabin. Once you settle, there will be a welcome meeting including briefing regarding the route around Athens region and security on board. The cruise starts right after or the following day. It usually lasts 3-4 hours per day, visiting a bay or two. The best part of the day is spent sunbathing, swimming, fishing, water-skiing, snorkeling, etc. If you are moored in a port in vicinity of Athens or elsewhere, you can spend the day sightseeing and exploring the shore around the port. Dining is normally outdoor, on the aft deck, in a port or anchored in some secluded bay, depending on guests' wishes. Evenings are usually spent in a port or anchored outside the port.

Gulet charter and children

Children Aboard a Charter Gulet in Athens

Children can learn a lot about life on sea, nature and foreign countries on their sailing vacations. They get easily bored and need something for entertainment, such as swimming, snorkeling, fishing, playing on the beach, reading - something to keep them occupied. They will probably want to learn something about sailing and explore the boat - show them the charts and instruments or make them participate in anchoring. They will be proud to see how everythiig works and be a part of it. Do not forget to follow the safety rules, especially with younger children. All children need to wear a life vest while on deck. If the weather gets rough, children must go below. The parents should not leave their children out of sight.

Additional Information on Gulet Cruises

A gulet is an excellent charter yacht option. If you would like to know more about gulets, check out our specialized page - Gulet Cruise Selection. Find out how to charter the perfect gulet, what features you can expect on a gulet, where to go on a gulet cruise, what a typical day aboard a gulet looks like and what you can eat and drink on a gulet cruise.