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Sailing on a Charter Yacht in Athens Area

Age of a sailing yacht

How Important is the Yacht Age?

Charter Yacht's age should be one of the factors you should take into consideration when choosing a yacht in Athens. You do not have to pay a lot for a well maintained, fully functioning and clean older yacht. The yachts manufactured in the past six years are usually considered newer, whereas the yachts between six and ten years of age should be well maintained and chartered only through reliable charter companies in Athens Region or elsewhere. It is important that your charter company shares the details on the yacht you wish to charter. Beware of its reputation and the quality of their yachts in order to avoid chartering an old and unsafe yacht that could spoil your yachting holidays in Athens.

Sailing boats and safety

Safety First When on a Sailing Yacht in Athens

To ensure safety on a sailing boat, first, you need to know Right-of-Way (ROW) Rules to avoid collisions with other boats. There should be enough life vests for every member of the crew; fire extinguishers; horn, whistle or bell; flares; radar reflector, etc. Make sure you and your crew wear a personal flotation device and children should wear them all the time. Do not panic in case of emergency. Using a safety harness in rough weather or when sailing alone is smart. It is recommended to sail with the VHF radio turned on to monitor for distress calls. You should beware of sunburns, sun strokes, and hypothermia, in case someone falls overboard. Take necessary precautions to make your sailing holidays in Athens fun!

Charter Sailing Yachts in More Detail

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