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Where to Charter Boats in Athens - Best places to visit on sailing trip in Athens

Sailing destination Hydra

Exploring the Island of Hydra Sailing

One of the Saronic Islands of Greece, located in the Aegean Sea between the Saronic and the Argolic Gulf. The islands Hydra, Dokos and a few uninhabited islets are part of Hydra municipality. "Hydra port" - a harbor, around which restaurants, shops, markets, and galleries are centered, catering to tourists and locals - is the main town on the island. Hydra depends solely upon tourism, and Athenians comprise a great segment of its visitors. Cars or motorcycles are not allowed on the island - donkeys, bicycles, and water taxis provide public transportation. Hydra benefits from numerous bays and natural harbours, and has a strong maritime culture - the island is a popular yachting destination.

Sail around Lavrion

Sailing Experience Around the Town of Lavrion

The port of Lavrion has become a very popular yachting destination in Greece, opening tavernas, cafes and becoming an important ferry boat hub for the Cyclades Islands and home port for several cruise ships and sailboat companies. The town of Lavrion on the tip of the Attiki Peninsula has the oldest and biggest ancient amphitheater in the country and a mysterious giant hole that is a popular tourist attraction. The area is known for its industry and silver mining from ancient times. This is where the giant columns from the temple of Posideon at nearby Sounion were dug out. Nightlife is abundant around the port,  and several very nice tavernas and restaurants are found just outside Lavrion.


Other popular charter destinations

Athens is an amazing yacht charter destination due to its history and natural beauty. However, if you would like to explore your other options before making the final decision on the perfect charter location, check out Yacht Charter Lefkas and find out what the Lefkas area has to offer on a sailing vacation. Read our tips on different types of charter in Lefkas and discover the top places to visit. Enjoy your Greek sailing holidays!