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Popular sailing destinations in Attica region


Athens is the capitol and the largest city of Greece, and the birthplace of the civilized world, art, philosophy, the historic centre of democracy science, and spectator sport. Besides all of that, Athens is arguable the most famous sailing destination in Europe. Yachtsmen from all over the world find Athens amazing, not only for its natural beauty and climate which is perfect for sailing, but also because Athens offers everything one could like. From rich night life, numerous restaurants, the most unique architecture in the world, magnificent park´s and zoos, to many of the world´s greatest museums, to sport. Athens is definitely the biggest beauty and the greatest jewel in the whole Attica sailing region, and a city which true yachtsmen can´t keep away.


Piraeus is a port city in the region of Attica, Greece, situated within the Athens urban area, 12 kilometers southwest from its city center.  Piraeus lies along the east coast of the Saronic Gulf, and it is one of the most interesting destinations for yachtsmen in Attica sailing region, because it is a large city bustling with activity. Acting as home to the country's biggest harbour and bearing all the characteristics of a huge marine and commercial-industrial centre, yachtsmen feel like at home when they are cruising in this region. Piraeus offers many archeological sites, with the most famous being the Piraeus museum where tourists can see the four bronze statues. Piraeus also has some of the best restaurants and taverns in Attica sailing region and in the world.

Sailing the Attica Region

The name Attica refers to both a historical region in Greece and a present-day administrative region that is centered around the city of Athens, which dominates the entire area. There are, however, other places in Attica which are more than interesting to visit.


The Athens Metropolitan Area covers most of the Attica region and comprises the most populated area in the country. That is why Athens is a logical starting point for a sailing trip around Attica. It is very easy to reach with motorways, railways and a ferry service. There is also an international airport to the east of the city. Athens, the capital of the West during the classical period, is extremely rich with history and culture, which should not be experienced by only a brief stroll around the city. That is why a somewhat longer stay is recommended before setting off to explore other towns in the region.


Piraeus is a port city located 12 kilometers southwest from Athens. It lies on the cost of the Saronic Gulf. It was an important port in during the classical period, but experienced a decline over the centuries. It regained its importance in the 19th century, after Athens again became the capital. Today, Piraeus is the largest harbor in Greece, the largest passenger port in Europe, as well as a commercial and industrial center. Like Athens, it is rich with history and boasts an excellent cultural life. It has plenty of restaurants and taverns, as well as bars and nightclubs. The city attracts a lot of tourists, especially those in search of a more dynamic vacation.


As already said, Piraeus lies in the Saronic Gulf. There are several islands in the Gulf which offer a more relaxed holiday after enjoying the dynamic Athens and Piraeus. The islands include Aegina, Salamis, Patroklou and Fleves. With plenty of beaches and quiet bays, the islands are a definite place to visit while sailing the lively Attica region!