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Popular sailing destinations in Epidaurus

Ancient Theater of Epidaurus

This theater is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. In terms of its perfect acoustics and fine structure it is regarded as the best preserved theater in Greece. Its perfect acoustics allows you to hear even the sound of a pin dropping while sitting on the top of the stairs. The rows of limestone seats filter out low-frequency sounds and amplify high-frequency sounds from the stage. It was built by the architect Polykleitos in the 4th century BC. Originally the theater had 34 rows of seats, divided into 34 blocks by stairs, that can seat up to 14,000 people. This ancient theater is the perfect example of classical theater with an orchestra and the circular area. Every summer very important Greek festival, known as Athens-Epidaurus Festival, takes place at the theater. 

Ancient sanctuary of Asklepios

Ancient sanctuary is located near the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus. It is a celebrated healing and religious center dedicated to Asklepios. Asklepios was the god of healing, who helped to cure people from their illness. It is believed that Asklepios found the cure for all diseases and in that way he disturbed the natural way of life. That is the reason why Zeus killed him with a flash of lightning. Today, the sanctuary is considered to be the birthplace of medicine. There was a guesthouse apart from the sleeping rooms. People used to spent the night there in hope to see the god himself in their dream, who would then told them what to do in order to cure themselves. According to the myth Asklepios was born in Epidaurus.