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Popular sailing destinations in Hydra Island

Hydra town

The most interesting thing about Hydra island is that cars and motor vehicles are prohibited. Hydra town is the capital and main harbor of Hydra island known for its cosmopolitan nightlife and elegant stone mansions situated on the hill around the port. The whole town is unspoiled by any modern architecture, due to the law that is prohibiting new construction which are not built according to the traditional colour and style. Church of the Assumption of the Virgin is one of the oldest buildings in Hydra town and definitely worth visiting. This three storey bell tower is located in the middle of the capital, overlooking the town. There are also interesting museums and old mansions worth visiting. 

Vlichos village

Village of Vlichos is a small holiday resort that offers a beautiful view over the Peloponnese coast. This area is mostly closed in winter due to the fact that it consists of holiday homes. Those homes are built according to the traditional architecture of the 19th century. Vlichos has a small pebble beach with gray sand and clear water. It can be reached by foot or by boat. Situated close to Hydra town this beach is perfect for families with small children due to its shallow waters. There are also two tavernas on the beach. One is overlooking the sea and the other one the beach. The view of the surrounding, from the beach, is worth the visit. The beach is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas.

Hydra Island Sailing

Hydra is a Greek island situated in the Aegean Sea. It belongs to the group of the Saronic Islands. It lies off the western coast of Peloponnese, from which it is separated by a narrow strait. The island is relatively small, with the area of 72 km2 and the population of less than two thousand people.


The island of Hydra has been populated since the third millennium BCE, but remained more or less irrelevant until the 17th century, when its commercial and naval development began. In the 18th century the island became both the trading and naval force, and it played an important role in the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire. Afterwards, the island started to lose its importance. Today, its economy is based primarily on tourism, with most visitors coming from the Athens area.


The biggest settlement on the island is the small town of Hydra. It lies in the middle of the island, on its northern coast. The town rises in a circle on the hills above the sea. White houses dominate the town. The are many beautiful mansions that witness the islands wealthy past. Hydra does have a harbor, but over the summer it gets very crowded. The traffic in the harbor represents the complete opposite to the traffic in the town, for motor vehicles are prohibited on the island. Such measures contribute to the authentic atmosphere of the past. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy some more modern aspects of fun. The town boosts a very vibrant nightlife and is altogether quite an exclusive place.


The rest of the island is very peaceful and generally unpopulated. It is covered in rocky hills with pine forests and cypress and olive trees. The name of the island comes from ancient springs, but most of them are now dry. The island comes alive during the night, when it is illuminated by billions of stars. This makes Hydra a perfect romantic getaway.