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Popular sailing destinations in Volos

Archaeological Museum of Volos

A place that everyone should visit when in Volos is the Athanasakeion Archaeological Museum of Volos. Visitors can have more direct contact with the antiquities and can understand their purpose easier and therefore comprehend how people lived at that time. Neolithic artifacts and halls with graves can be found in the museum as well as the modern archaeological excavations in Thessaly. Those neolithic artifacts originate from the settlements of Dimini and Sesklo, the two neolithic villages situated nearby Volos, and from the Geometric period, a time of heroic events. The tombs are transported along with the skeleton and the offerings placed around it. There is also an exhibition of the new items from the recent excavations in the regions of Magnesia and Karditsa.


Pelion is a mountain at the southeastern part of Thessaly known as the home of the Centaurs. It is famous for its natural beauty and ancient culture. This place was chosen by the gods for their weddings and celebrations. Pelion is also a home of Chiron, the most famous of the centaurs, who gave his pupils daily instructions in the proper care of body and soul. Pelion’s beautiful architecture and lush vegetation draw tourists every year. The famous route of the moutzouris is the historical rail link between Volos and Pelion. It linked the industrial center of Volos with the agricultural area of west Pelion. The line was opened in 1903 and the train was one of the favourite subjects in Georgio de Chirico’s paintings. The flea market and the old city Palea are the two more places worth visiting in Volos.